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Steven Spielberg on track to direct Jurassic Park 4. Do we really need a fourth Jurassic Park?

07/22/2011 3 comments

Legendary Film-maker and cinephile Steven Spielberg announced today that the wheels are in motion for a fourth chapter (reboot) in the tepid Jurassic Park franchise.

After the horrendous third outing which saw William H. Macy and Tea Leoni along with the return of Sam Neil as Dr. Alan Grant battling the dreaded Spinosaurus, I thought they had finally put that baby to sleep. Unfortunately for us that’s not the case. Over a decade later we are going to re-visit Isla-Sorna and once again do battle with these colossal freaks of nature.

Why Spielberg why? Have you just completely run out of ideas for new movies?

I thought you had put an end to the kiddie flicks back in the 90’s and decided to stick to more mature subject matter. Munich was outstanding. War of the Worlds nearly gave me a heart attack with the endless scenes of suspense. Minority Report and Catch Me if you Can were both fantastic and I still get tears in my eyes when I watch Saving Private Ryan. The latest Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was utter garbage but what do you expect when you re-cast that fossil Harrison Ford who should have retired 10 years ago. (Don’t take that the wrong way Harrison, I loved you in Star Wars and The Fugitive but enough is enough already).

What ever happened to that proposed Biopic on Abraham Lincoln with the always amazing Daniel Day-Lewis in the lead role? That could very well be the film that wins you both a third Oscar. Why do you insist on revisiting the Dinosaurs? That franchise should have ended as soon as it began.

What’s next?

E.T. 2  Elliot’s Return?

Jaws 5: The revenge of Bruce?

Indiana Jones 5 and the Temple of the Crystal Nursing Home? 

C’mon Spielberg you made JAWS for crying out loud! That amazing film is still the reason I can not even go near a beach without suffering a panic attack. The Dinosaurs are extinct, Just let it be!