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Happy 31st Birthday Macaulay Culkin!

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Happy 31st B-Day Macaulay Culkin! In honor of the birthday of our favorite fallen child star here are a few great Macaulay Culkin videos for your viewing pleasure. Regardless of your opinion on Mac’s sordid life, anybody that can consistently bone Mila Kunis for 8 years is a rock star in our book. Cheers Mac! We’re still waiting for Home Alone Rises.


Black Swan (2010) **** Natalie Portman and the heart of darkness.

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Black Swan ****

Ok I have to admit, I have a thing for Natalie Portman and I would pretty much watch her in absolutely anything. She could be starring in a dog food commercial dressed as a cracked out Raggedy Ann and I would still stop whatever it is I was doing and watch her perform in all her beauty and grace.

Black Swan, directed by one of the few remaining creative geniuses left in Hollywood, Mr. Darren Aronofsky, the acclaimed director behind such masterpieces as Pi, Requiem for a Dream and The Wrestler, is without a doubt the role that Natalie Portman was born to play.

This is truly a tour de force by one of our most talented young actresses in the cinema today. I remember watching her film début in the 1994 classic thriller Leon: The Professional and thinking to myself that this girl is surely going to win an Oscar one day. And here we are with 2010’s Black Swan and Ms. Natalie Portman has won the 2011 Best Actress Oscar among many other awards for her gritty portrayal of Nina.

Natalie Portman gives a haunting performance as a tormented ballet dancer who is preparing for an upcoming role in a New York City production of Swan Lake.

I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth does a movie with that premise sound remotely interesting to a Movie Monkey Shoot maniac like myself? Well the ballet aspect is just secondary to this young girl’s descent into madness and mayhem. Aronofsky takes us on an unforgettable journey through the heart of darkness and does not let loose until the credits roll. I can not think of a better actress in the movies today who could have played this part with the realism and emotional intensity that Natalie Portman brings to the role of Nina, the aspiring New York City ballet dancer.

Adding to her mayhem and jealousy is competing dancer Lily (the amazing Mila Kunis) who seems poised to take over her spot as lead dancer. It all comes crashing down in a whirlwind of terror and torment. To explain more would simply ruin this outstanding film to those who have yet to see it. See it now!

And if some of my fellow lowbrow Movie Monkey Shoot maniacs aren’t too keen on a film on Ballet, She get’s it on with Meg Griffin! That alone is worth the price of the Blu-ray rental.

p.s. If you have no clue who Meg Griffin is, go watch Family Guy as well.  😉

Black Swan (2010) ****

108 Minutes

Drama, Thriller

Directed by Darren Aronofsky

Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Barbara Hershey