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Happy Birthday John Saxon & Bob Clark! Co-Star of Enter the Dragon & A Nightmare on Elm Street and Director of A Christmas Story

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Happy Birthday John Saxon & Bob Clark!

Enter the Dragon (1973) Starring Bruce Lee & John Saxon

John Saxon (August 5, 1936) is an American actor who has worked on over 200 films and has been in the Movie business for over 60 years. His most popular films were the classic horror films A Nightmare on Elm Street and Black Christmas as well as co-starring with Bruce Lee in the 1973 Martial Arts masterpiece Enter the Dragon.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Bob Clark (August 5, 1939 - April 4, 2007)

Bob Clark (August 5, 1939-April 4, 2007) was an American Director, Screenwriter and Producer best known as the Director of the 1983 Christmas classic A Christmas Story as well as directing John Saxon in the Canadian horror hit Black Christmas and the comedy cult classic Porky’s.

A Christmas Story as we all know is the film we watch every Christmas for 24 hours straight starring Ralphie, the boy who wants nothing more than a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas.


A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) * The cinematic assasination of Freddy Krueger

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) *

Michael Bay is truly the film-making Anti-Christ. The only reason they continue to allow him to Direct and Produce films is because his brain-dead fans continue to pile in and empty their pockets to go see his mindless rubbish. He didn’t even direct this cinematic train wreck! His company Platinum Dunes just produced it and hired some talentless hack as a puppet to direct this utter garbage. But his fingerprints are all over this heap of celluloid refuse.

Now I must admit. I am a huge fan of the original 1984 Nightmare. It ranks as one of my all time favorites. Robert Englund was truly terrifying in the original and gave me nightmares for years. Granted he degenerated more along the lines of a wise cracking, disfigured Snookie in the sequels but that is expected when you create 8 inferior sequels to a horror classic.

With this 2010 “re-imagining” (I love that buzz word BTW) they had a chance to bring back the demonically gleeful Freddy Krueger everyone loved from the original and transplant him to a modern setting with modern special FX. But what these geniuses did at the studio is they forgot the crucial ingredient which makes a good Nightmare film. ROBERT ENGLUND!

The man IS Freddy Krueger. There is no substitution. In a horror film such as Friday the 13th, Halloween, or even the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, the killer is behind a mask and is an interchangeable persona that could be played by anyone.

Carrot-Top could have played Jason Voorhees.

But Freddy Krueger is the one and only classically trained thespian Robert Englund. There is no doubt about it. He has played this part 8 times prior and knows the intricacies and nuances of his character like no other. Making the decision to replace him with the stone faced and expressionless Jackie Earl Haley was one of the biggest slaps to the face of the true fans I have yet to witness come from Hollywood.

And to top off the insult, they didn’t even consult with the man who created Freddy Krueger, Wes Craven. That is just blatant arrogance on the part of the film-makers and we all know what arrogance is, when ego meets Ignorance, and that my loyal Movie Monkeys does not make for a good film.

Avoid this cinematic dreck at all costs. Judging by the box office numbers we are almost certainly guaranteed a whole new series of 8 inferior sequels to an inferior re-imagining for a whole new generation of disappointed fans.

Hopefully in the next re-imagining of the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre they will get Rob Schneider to play Leatherface.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) *

94 Minutes


Directed by Samuel Bayer and produced by the Anti-Christ

Jackie Earl Haley, Rooney Mara