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Welcome to MovieMonkeyShoot

The NO B.S. Movie Website for all the latest movie reviews, new movie Trailers, News, Upcoming Films and generally any other Movie related topic we feel like dishing out our two cents on. Where I your fearless leader the Movie Monkey and his team of dedicated cheeky bastards will offer our cinephile wisdom on everything we love (and what will surely be more compelling) everything that we absolutely hate about movies.

As a team of dedicated Film school grads, Film students, Internet junkies and shamelessly obsessed movie fans, we feel it is our duty to inform our loyal readers the honest truth about the quality of the countless movies we watch and to not fill your head with mind-less B.S. that could very well cost you your hard earned cash and 2+ hours of your life you will never get back by watching a disastrous movie that you could have easily avoided by visiting our website. 

We discuss all types of film from critically acclaimed award winners to big budget Hollywood sh*t storms to underground Canadian films you’ve never heard of to Norwegian zombie flicks and everything in between.

MovieMonkeyShoot.com uses a 5 star rating system with 5 ***** as the best and no stars as the worst.

A couple of inane topics MovieMonkeyShoot will never discuss nor cares for are:

A. Box office revenue which does NOT tell you how good the movie actually is. 

B. MPAA Ratings which are irrelevant and completely arbitrary.

C. Actors personal politics because quite frankly, if you are really interested in a Movie stars opinion on Politics you’re a certified moron. Read a book instead or at the very least a knowledgeable magazine.

D. TV reviews because over the last decade TV has become infected with the Reality Show virus which is the lowest form of entertainment one step below getting kicked in the nuts repeatedly on film.

MovieMonkeyShoot is devoted to bringing its loyal readers (You) our brutally honest and totally subjective opinion of what we thought of the films strengths and shortcomings to save our readers from watching a deplorable film or to introduce an amazing film you may not have otherwise seen.

 We hope you enjoy the site and don’t forget to leave comments with your thoughts.

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 The Movie Monkey during his Film School years.
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No article or list appearing on www.moviemonkeyshoot.com may be reproduced or redistributed without prior authorization. Disclaimer: All articles and lists appearing on www.moviemonkeyshoot.com are for entertainment purposes only and are written purely in jest. If you are offended in any way, shape or form by any articles or lists appearing on www.moviemonkeyshoot.com, please do us all a favor and don’t be a douche bag and stop taking yourself so seriously. Remember that right now at this very moment you are on a website reading a team of Monkeys highly subjective opinion on movies. Movie Monkey Shoot is an equal opportunity offender. Chill out and learn to laugh. Keep watching movies and reading our website and leave as many comments as you like.  
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