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The Sitter (2011): Exclusive New Trailer. Who told Jonah Hill he was funny?

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The exclusive trailer for The Sitter, the new comedy from Jonah Hill and David Gordon Green the director of Pineapple Express is now online. The Sitter looks like a male remake of Adventures in Babysitting with a less funnier version of Elizabeth Shue.

My question for you is, Who told Jonah Hill he was funny? With the exception of Superbad which was a hilarious team up with Michael Cera, Hill has not had a solid comedic role in any film to date and has played forgettable supporting roles as the chubby token Jewish guy.

Now I don’t want to sound pretentious but isn’t he 28 already? How is he still trying to play the quirky immature college kid? I don’t think he’s the comedic genius he made himself out to be.

Check out the exclusive New trailer for The Sitter, US release date is December 9, 2011.


Cyrus (2010) ** Jonah Hill please just go away and never come back

07/21/2011 Leave a comment

Cyrus **

“You know what really grinds my gears?!” When a movie starring the outstandingly talented John C. Reilly and the always charming Marisa Tomei gets marketed as a zany comedy about a dysfunctional 21-year-old man-child still living at home with his mom who becomes increasingly jealous of the new boyfriend in the picture and will stop at nothing to sabotage the relationship between this poor sap and his mother whom he has an awkwardly parasitic relationship with. Then the film turns out to be a somber exercise in self loathing and pity with barely any conflict whatsoever.

I feel like that old episode of Family Guy where Peter Griffin goes on TV and tells the world everything that pisses him off and what “really grinds my gears!”

If this film would have been marketed as a cold character study about a pitifully dependent son and his mother the enabler, I would have given this film a totally different review and actually understood the message they were trying to convey. But unfortunately the directors, I say plural because there were two directors that helmed this monstrosity of a film, saw fit to make one film but say it was another.

This film could have been hilarious with a better script and Director. The actors did exactly as written in the script and failed at all costs. I’m going to quote the New York times when they described this film as an “almost aggressive lack of ambition.” They could not have come up with a better description.

Why didn’t Jonah Hill’s character go deeper with his psychosis? Why was there barely any conflict between the Son and Boyfriend besides a few weak lines of dialogue? Why didn’t he continue his quest to utterly destroy the life of his mothers suitor instead of giving up so easily? Why didn’t they explore more in detail why the son is so dependent on his mother? Why didn’t Jonah Hill actually do something with the personal information he discovered from the boyfriend and used it to ruin him?

This should have been like a comedic Fatal Attraction with your girlfriends wicked conniving immature son.

The character of the dependent son should have been played by an actor who wasn’t afraid to take risks. As lowbrow as it may seem, this film would have done a lot better if it would of had the cast and crew of a typical Adam McKay/Judd Apatow comedy where John C. Reilly would have been tormented and driven to the point of hilarious insanity and had every aspect of his life ruined. But the film-makers played it safe and failed miserably.

Watch this only if you enjoy being bored by an immature man-child with a freakishly dependent relationship with his mother.

Cyrus (2010) **

91 Minutes

Drama, Comedy

Directed by Mark & Jay Duplass

John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill, Marisa Tomei, Catherine Keener