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Our Idiot Brother *** Welcome back to comedy Paul Rudd

08/28/2011 Leave a comment

Our Idiot Brother is Paul Rudd’s glorious return to comedy after his last failed attempts with Dinner For Schmucks and How Do You Know not to mention his ridiculous cameo in Year One. Paul Rudd is great as the loveable stoner Ned who foolishly sells a bag of marijuana to an uniformed cop and lands himself in prison. Upon his release from serving as most cooperative inmate, his former life has been destroyed by his ex-girlfriend and he has nowhere else to go but impose on his three sisters with amusing results.

Now understand when I tell you that Our Idiot Brother is not a hilariously raunchy movie filled with dirty limericks and does not contain endless one liners as some of his previous films. What it does have is a lead character that is all heart with good intentions and you can’t help but love this guy even though he has an IQ comparable to Homer Simpson. Everybody knows someone like Ned and can relate to this guy.

The crew at Movie Monkey Shoot actually had a former roommate that was a spitting image of Ned and we couldn’t help but point out the similarities. Even though he has the intelligence of a mentally challenged platypus, he still has a good heart and won’t screw you over regardless if he has the money to pay for rent or not. You got to love this guy. Go see this movie today.

Our Idiot Brother *** (2011)

90 Minutes


Directed by Jesse Peretz

Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, Adam Scott, Rashida Jones