Fright Night (2011) *** THIS is how you make a good vampire flick!

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Fright Night (2011) ***

Fright Night is a perfect example of how to properly make a Vampire film now in the age where emo, listless vampires from Twilight are the norm. I will make a bold statement and say this remake is actually better than the 1985 original with Roddy McDowall.

Both films have the same premise with one of the main differences is that this remake is set in Las Vegas simply for a clever vampire plot device. This film just like the original has a perfect balance between horror and self-aware comedy.

Colin Farrell stars as next door neighbor Jerry who is accurately suspected of being a vampire while Anton Yelchin plays his suspecting neighbor high school student Charley Brewster.

With the slew of substandard 80’s remakes released this year, Fright Night is actually among the cream of the crop. A lot of fun and does not take itself to seriously.

Fright Night *** (2011)

106 Minutes

Horror, Comedy

Directed by Craig Gillespie

Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, David Tennant, Toni Collette, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Imogen Poots


Conan the Barbarian 3D * 300 on stupid pills

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Conan the Barbarian 3D *

Conan the Barbarian is surely destined to win the 2012 Razzie award for Worst Eye-Gouging Misuse of 3D along with a slew of other “awards”. This has to be the dumbest excuse for an 80’s action remake I have yet to see. Now don’t assume that I am a purist and think the 1982 version with Arnold was anything to scream about. That film was mediocre at best but still became a hit due to Schwarzenegger’s charisma. The 2011 remake with TV “star” Jason Momoa lacks any charisma, excitement or thrills. This film was basically made for the nostalgia factor of brand recognition and to further exploit the marketing ploy of charging extra for misuse of 3D.

I know you are probably already aware that this ruse to reintroduce 3D back into the movies is simply just a studio tactic to thwart illegal piracy. The studio went truly over board with this remake. The film is to dark, to moody and just plain soulless. Momoa grunts and moans his way through idiotic dialogue and an incoherent plot. This guy is better suited to be fighting in a cage somewhere than starring in movies and boring us to death. Speaking of cage fighting, MMA journeyman Bob Sapp plays the villainous role of Ukafa, the jealous leader of the Kushites. This should speak volumes to the poor quality of this film.

Rose McGowan looks absolutely hideous in the movie as her character Marique the Witch and would look right at home at a concert of former boyfriend Marilyn Manson. The one positive thing about this film is Rachel Nichols character Tamara looks rather sexy as the required love interest to Conan. Her character exists simply because if she were not present this would just be one long, nearly two-hour homoerotic bloodbath. This film is basically a remake of 300 choreographed by mental patients.

Avoid this dreck at all costs and save your money and go see Griff the Invisible instead which is far superior.

Conan the Barbarian (2011) *

112 Minutes

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Directed by Marcus Nispel

Jason Momoa, Ron Perlman, Rose McGowan, Rachel Nichols, Bob Sapp

Exclusive New trailer to Gerard Butler’s new movie, Machine Gun Preacher. This IS SUDAN!!

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Machine Gun Preacher Opens September 23, 2011

Machine Gun Preacher is based on the true story of Sam Childers, a former drug dealing biker who become a reborn Christian and becomes a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese kids who were forced to become soldiers.

Directed by Marc Forster

Starring Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan and Michael Shannon

Machine Gun Preacher will open September 23, 2011.

Babe of the Week: Karen Gillian

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Top 13 Sexiest Female Movie Villains

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If there is anything better than a great movie villain, it’s a sexy female villain that can charm your pants off and kick your ass at the same time.

This list is a compilation of the Top 13 Sexiest Female Movie Villains. If we failed to mention one of your favorites, leave a comment and she may be included in future posts.

13. Demi Moore in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003)

This was Demi Moore’s big comeback after hiding under a rock for over 5 years after the ghastly G.I. Jane and she surely did not disappoint. The above pictured scene where she plays Madison Lee emerging from the surf gave her a whole new legion of salivating fans.

12. Sheri Moon Zombie in House of 1000 Corpses/The Devils Rejects (2003,2005)

Now unfortunately for Sheri Moon Zombie she was so over the top and psychotic as Baby Firefly that she most definitely got typecast for this specific genre of horror flicks. I don’t see any deep character studies, musical biopics or literary adaptations in her future unless she takes some serious acting lessons and expands her horizons to act in movies not directed by her husband Rob Zombie. Baby Firefly was actually a very original character and downright terrifying.

11. Salma Hayek in From Dusk till Dawn (1996)

10. Denise Richards in Wild Things (1998)

9. Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls (2004)

8. Bryce Dallas Howard in The Help (2011)

7. Rebecca De Mornay in The Hand that Rocks the Cradle (1992)

6. Nancy Allen in Carrie (1976)

5. Chiaki Kuriyama in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

4. Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns (1992)

Before Halle Berry stunk up the screen as Catwoman in 2004 and Anne Hathaway will get her chance at reviving this dormant super villain, Michelle Pfeiffer was the epitome of sexy female villainy.

3. Lena Olin in Romeo is Bleeding (1993)

I may be wrong but I am guessing that 85% of movie fans have yet to see Lena Olin tear up the screen as Mona Demarkov the ruthless Russian gangster in Romeo is Bleeding opposite Gary Oldman. If you are one of those unfortunate poor souls do yourself a favor and get this movie ASAP and check her out. They don’t make female movie villains like this anymore.

2. Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (1992)

1. Rebecca Romijn in the X-Men Trilogy (2000,2003,2006)

Rebecca Romijn as Mystique is without doubt the sexiest movie villain in all of movie history. Now take a minute and try to erase the image of Jennifer Lawrence doing a terrible roly-poly impersonation of her in X-Men: First Class and remember back to X-Men and X-Men 2 where Mystique was a certified bad ass vixen and could utterly seduce you yet snap your neck with just her legs. There isn’t anyone else who could have played this part to perfection like Rebecca Romijn and she will forever be remembered as the sexiest movie villain in film history.

Watch this awesome fan made music video tribute to Mystique.

Happy 68th Birthday Robert De Niro! Top 25 Must See Bobby De Niro Movies

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25. Limitless (2011)

24. The Deer Hunter (1978)

23. Machete (2010)

22. The Bridge of San Luis Ray (2004)

21. Jackie Brown (1997)

20. What Just Happened (2008)

19. Ronin (1998)

18. A Bronx Tale (1993)

17. Midnight Run (1988)

16. Mean Streets (1973)

15. Casino (1995)

14. Angel Heart (1987)

13. Cop Land (1997)

12. The Good Shepherd (2006)

11. Cape Fear (1991)

10. This Boy’s Life (1993)

9. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994)

8. Once Upon A Time In America (1984)

7. Heat (1995)

6. Taxi Driver (1976)

5. Goodfellas (1990)

4. The Untouchables (1987)

3. Awakenings (1990)

2. The Godfather Part 2 (1974)

1. Raging Bull (1980)

Ballsiest move of the year! Gerard Depardieu pisses on airplane cabin after being told he couldn’t use the lavatory. Well played Monsieur.

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And the Award for the Ballsiest move of the year!

Gerard Depardieu

French Actor Gerard Depardieu loses his mind and urinates on a European Flight.

Legendary French Actor Gerard Depardieu, 62, lost his mind on a European flight Tuesday night when he refused to wait for the restroom and urinated in the aisle of the Airplane in front of his terrified fellow passengers. “The Golden Globe winner (1990 Green Card),was on a CityJet flight from Paris to Dublin that was delayed on the runway when he asked to use the bathroom. After being told he had to wait until takeoff, he reportedly relieved himself in the aisle.”

Well played Monsieur.