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Final Destination 5:(No Stars) Horror films have hit an all time low with this turkey

Final Destination 5 (no stars)

Horror films have hit an all time low with this turkey. Now I may be wrong but the comical irony with such a flaming piece of horse turd such as Final Destination 5 is that the script was clearly written by 12-year-old boys, specifically for a 12-year-old audience who unfortunately can’t even get into the theater by themselves to see this since it’s Rated R.

If they would have rated this PG-13, they will undoubtably make a half a billion dollars.

Now please tell me whose idea it was to completely revamp the horror genre and suck every bit of suspense and terror from movies like this and replace it with over the top ridiculous murder scenes that aren’t the slightest bit scary but simply make you squirm incessantly hoping you don’t regurgitate the popcorn you just spent $12 dollars on?

Was it Eli Roth?

The creators of Saw 1 through Saw 25?

Rob Zombie?

Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes?

I don’t know exactly who is to blame but somebody must pay for this cinematic travesty.

No longer do we have horror films that actually try to scare the audience. We now have counterfeit “horror” films in 3D that replace scares with endless scenes of bad soap opera actresses getting tortured with increasingly gruesome set pieces for the sole purpose of titillating pre-pubescent teenage boys designed by people who should be committed to the state mental institution.

Final Destination 5 was by far the worst horror film I have seen in some time and if this type of movie excites you and you leave the theater with a smile on your face or a burning desire to run to the internet and tell all of your cyber friends how awesome it was, please for humanity’s sake, DO NOT PROCREATE!

The worst actress in the history of terrible actresses getting her last eye exam. Hopefully for us she sticks to soap operas and we never have to see her on the big screen again.

Final Destination 5 3D (No stars) (2011)

92 Minutes


Directed by Steven Quale

Starring Tony Todd and a bunch of bad actors you hope you never see again.

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