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Dirty Dancing remake (2012)

Focus group states that a Dirty Dancing remake would only be acceptable if they brought back Jennifer Grey and shot by the ghost of Patrick Swayze on the dance floor.

Hollywood is at it again. Remaking 80’s cult classics with a new generation of sub par actors with a sub par script directed by an incompetent director for a whole new generation of disappointed fans.

Does Dirty Dancing really need to be remade?

I may be wrong but wasn’t this movie ALREADY remade as Havana Nights a few years back? I sometimes lose track of the amount of 80’s nonsense that is brought back to life from the dark ages.

Dirty Dancing the cult classic dance film starring the late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey is set for a big budget Hollywood remake in 2012 directed by the choreographer of the original film Kenny Ortega.

Patrick Swayze must be rolling in his grave.

Patrick Swayze (1952-2009) RIP Bodhi

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