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Top 3 Ghastly Films That Absolutely Killed Demi Moore’s Career

At one point in Demi Moore’s career circa 1996 she was the highest paid and most successful actress in Hollywood not to mention one of the sexiest. Then apparently the success went straight to her head and she decided to completely kill her career by starring in the following three films. Now I’m not saying these are terrible films by any means. Simply because there are much more absurd films that have survived the test of time and did not utterly destroy the career of the star. The following films were simply pompous puff pieces that only served to inflate Demi’s ego and were then crucified by both critics and fans and killed a successful film career.

#3 The Juror (1996)

Along with the Striptease this is Demi’s first award-winning performance at the 1996 Razzie Awards as worst actress of the year. Demi Moore played Annie Laird, a vulnerable single mother who is chosen for jury duty on the case of a reputed Mob boss on trial for murder. Alec Baldwin plays the menacing hitman and a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays her son Oliver. This film was absolutely ridiculous and devoid of any suspense or terror even after being billed as a Psychological thriller.

#2 G.I. Jane (1997)

Why would anyone want to see a sexy Demi Moore shave her head and develop more muscles than most of her guy fans? G.I. Jane was Moore’s consecutive award winner at the Razzie’s winning her yet again another Worst Actress award as the first Navy Seal trainee Jordan O’Neil. Even with acclaimed Director Ridley Scott at the helm and the film making a substantial profit, this film was a massive failure on many levels. Moore’s performance was too butch and over the top and alienated her fan base.

The Number 1 Career Killing Demi Moore Movie…

#1 Striptease (1996)

Did Demi not learn anything from the Showgirls fiasco? After that 1995 disaster every actress in Hollywood should have known better than to star in a movie about strippers in any capacity be it a comedy or drama. Apparently Demi didn’t receive the memo and her career suffered drastically. Not only did she “win” a worst actress award at the Razzie’s but her movie career was later destroyed after this ridiculous film. After Striptease, Demi would not land a starring role again until 2009’s mediocre The Joneses.

Next up for Demi Moore is Bunraku, a Samurai Western also starring Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson and Ron Perlman with a release date set at September 30, 2011.

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