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Top 10 Hilarious Will Ferrell Comedies.

Top 10 Hilarious Will Ferrell Comedies.

With Will Ferrell’s character Deangelo Vickers slipping into a coma on The Office on his hilarious guest appearance as Micheal Scott’s replacement, and his 2010 smash hits The Other Guys and Megamind, The Movie Monkey has compiled a list of Will Ferrell’s best comedy films. Along with a few comedic disasters like Land of the Lost and Bewitched, Ferrell has proven that he can be hilarious if placed in the right situation with the right supporting cast and a good script.

#10 Wedding Crashers (2005) as Chazz Reinhold

Although Will only shows up in a brief cameo at the end, his character of Chazz Reinhold was truly memorable. He taught the title characters everything they know about Wedding crashing and has now moved on to crashing funerals to even greater success.

#9 Megamind (2010) as Megamind

Ferrell plays the title villain of Megamind, a nefarious villain who has battled his arch nemesis Metro Man (Brad Pitt) since they were both infants and has always lost. Ferrell’s latest smash hit is already in development on a sequel. Megamind 2.

#8 Blades of Glory (2007) as Chazz Michael Michaels

In Blades of Glory, Ferrell plays Chazz Michael Michaels a highly talented figure skater and raunchy sex addict that gets barred from Olympic competition for fighting is and forced to partner with his rival Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) using a loophole in the system eventually winning gold and redeeming themselves.

#7 The Other Guys (2010) as Allen Gamble

The Other Guys is Ferrell’s comeback after the Land of the Lost disaster. Reuniting with his good friend and director Adam McKay, Ferrel stars as Alan Gamble a pencil pushing detective and former pimp who is extremely proud of his desk job and refuses to take any serious assignments. Co-starring Mark Walhberg as his hotheaded disgraced partner Terry Hoitz this was Ferrell’s fourth collaboration with McKay.

#6 Talladega Nights (2006) as Ricky Bobby

Talladega Nights has Will Ferrell playing cocky and dimwitted Nascar driver Ricky Bobby who has serious daddy issues and a burning desire to be number 1. A hilarious supporting cast helped this film become one of Ferrell’s funniest performances including John C. Reilly and Sacha Baron Cohen.

#5 Elf (2003) as Buddy

Elf is a light-hearted Christmas story where Ferrell plays Buddy a man-child raised by Pap Elf (Bob Newhart) at the North Pole. Directed by Jon Favreau and co-starring Ed Asner as Santa Claus and James Caan as Buddy’s biological father who gave him up for adoption.

#4 Zoolander (2001) as Jacobim Mugatu

A long forgotten but hilarious performance by Ferrell as Jacobim Mugatu, a corrupt Fashion designer who secretly works for an international organization that plots to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia. His only hope is the dimwitted male model who has recently been disgraced.

#3 Old School (2003) as Frank “The Tank” Ricard

Frank the Tank was a party monster during his early years but has now become yet another neutered married man living a boring life until his middle-aged buddies decide to start a Fraternity on campus as a way to relive their glory years. Directed by Todd Philips (The Hangover) and co-starring Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson.

#2 Anchorman (2004) as Ron Burgundy

Based on real 1970’s news footage where men dominated the airwaves and the local reporter was considered a God among mere mortals. Ferrell plays Ron Burgundy, the number 1 News anchor in San Diego until Veronica Corningstone a fellow anchor and feminist vows to take over his job.

#1 Step Brothers (2008) as Brennan Huff

The most hilarious Ferrell character yet. Brennan Huff is a 40-year-old unemployed loser who is misunderstood by his parents. Still living at home he is now forced to face his new step brother Dale Doback. An equally misunderstood and unemployed loser who also still lives with his dad. At first the two behave like childish enemies but develop a bond and become best friends and form an entertainment company “Prestige Worldwide” and create a hilarious music video to entice potential investors called “Boats N Hoes.”

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly make another outstanding comedy duo in their funniest collaboration yet. Step Brothers was also directed by Adam McKay and features hilarious supporting performances by Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins as their frustrated parents. Ferrell’s funniest performance to date.

  1. The Gorilla Atheist
    08/09/2011 at 12:06 AM

    Frank the tank is the correct #1.

    • MMS
      08/09/2011 at 12:13 AM

      lol great movie but I think he was much funnier in Step Brothers! “I just put my nutsack on your drum set!!”

  2. Mart
    08/09/2011 at 4:48 AM

    Where have you heard about a Megamind 2?? 🙂
    Sounds exciting!

    • MMS
      08/09/2011 at 5:46 AM

      it’s still rumored but judging by the popularity and box office there is sure to be a megamind trilogy in the works.

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