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Top 10 Most Ridiculously Overrated Movies.

Every couple of years there are certain movies that upon their release receive an insane amount of hype and recognition then after the initial hype wears off we realize that the film was just another crap movie in the long line of overrated nonsense. Hollywood Studio marketing should truly be the 8th wonder of the world.

Here is a list of the Top 10 of the most ridiculously Overrated movies ever released.

#10 The Da Vinci Code (2006) Ron Howard *

Nothing receives more hype and inspires titillation among people than a mindlessly convoluted religious conspiracy theory film based on an equally mindless novel. This film was truly an exercise in pompous storytelling. The best years of Tom Hanks movie career are years behind this inexplicable turkey.

#9 I Am Legend (2007) Francis Lawrence **

Am I the only movie fan left that thinks the endless series of horror films with CGI monsters that can run faster than a crackhead fleeing a crime scene is getting played out? Whatever happened to the old school zombies where real actors would apply gruesome make up and actually looked menacing? Not one of the thousands of bogus CGI zombies in I am Legend looked the least bit menacing. Even with the addition of famed vocalist Mike Patton as their voices did not help these cartoonish zombies look frightening.

Will Smith embarrassed to be fighting CGI monsters that run faster than he can.


#8 The Sixth Sense (1999) M. Night Shyamalan *

This overly hyped “horror” film with a preposterous twist ending should be at number 1 simply because Shyamalan is a terrible director but I gave it a fair chance and found 7 other films that were more deserving. This is one of the weakest payoffs ever to a mystery film with a supposed shocking ending I have ever seen. If you couldn’t spot the ludicrous twist ending a mile away and actually enjoyed this garbage, please do us all a favor and just stop voting immediately. You are more than likely the reason why Dubya was elected twice.

Haley Joel Osment terrified that this movie would destroy his budding career.


#7 Juno (2007) Jason Reitman *

Shouting phrases like “shut your freaking Gob!”, drinking gallons of Sunny D and rambling incessantly on a hamburger phone using language that no other 16-year-old would ever use does not make you charming and quirky. Juno is a travesty of epic proportions and its popularity is one of the many unexplained mysteries of life. Michael Cera desperately needs some acting classes if he expects to stay in Hollywood any longer because his tiresome nervous teenager shtick is starting to wear thin.

She uses a hamburger phone, Juno MUST be funny and quirky!!


#6 Twilight (2008) Catherine Hardwicke *

Now if the Movie Monkey were a prepubescent 13-year-old girl suffering from chronic insanity and had recently had a frontal lobotomy, I would have enjoyed this film. But unfortunately the Movie Monkey is not and found this ridiculous Vampire love story to be a classic example of over hyped glittering tween garbage. The fact that adult females actually enjoyed this is a testament to the dumbing down of western civilization and is actually quite hilarious, and if you are a guy that enjoyed this please just run back into the closet and hide immediately! Your skinny jeans need you.


#5 Crash (2004) Paul Haggis **

Crash takes the prize as the most utterly pretentious self-indulgent nonsense ever to receive critical acclaim. It’s truly baffling how this film was based on a true experience of writer/director Paul Haggis getting carjacked in LA and yet he made the two car thieves’ the most sympathetic characters in the film. Every person in this with the exception of the always outstanding Don Cheadle was a one-dimensional clichéd cardboard cutout. How did this win the Best Picture Oscar over the movie about the gay cowboy’s eating pudding?


#4 Top Gun (1986) Tony Scott *

Latent homosexual undertones on a grand scale. This film is the abomination that made Tom Cruise a movie star and inexplicably increased naval enlistment across the US. Supposedly the legend goes that in real life Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise absolutely hated each other after making this film together apparently because Kilmer believed himself to be the better actor and wanted the main part of Maverick instead of the inferior Iceman. I think there may be something much deeper they were afraid to tell us.
Listen to Tarantino explain it so eloquently.


#3 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003) Peter Jackson **

The most over hyped and tedious 10 hours of your life, that is if you watch all three of these films back to back like a hobbit obsessed fan boy. It took the Movie Monkey over 3 months to finish all three of these films due to having fallen asleep each time from the ridiculous language and juvenile plot. The fact that people categorize Tolkien on the same level as Shakespeare and Hemingway for this fantasy nonsense is a true testament to the powerful influence of  the internet buzz from the 16-year-old fan boy who has absolutely no chance of ever seeing a member of the opposite sex naked.

#2 The Blind Side (2009) John Lee Hancock *

Unadulterated white guilt dragged to an astonishingly mind numbing two hours. Everything about this movie is overly sentimental and just plays on the viewers emotions and ignorance. The fact that they made a mockery of the real Michael Oher and reduced him to a childish oaf was truly embarrassing. This film removes truth, facts and logic and replaces it with artificial Hallmark greeting card sentiments. Sandra Bullock winning the Oscar for her “acting” for this nonsense is truly mind-boggling.


And the most Ridiculously Overrated Movie of all time…….


#1 The Passion of the Christ (2004) Mel Gibson **

If The Blind Side was unadulterated white guilt than The Passion of the Christ is nothing more than unadulterated torturous Catholic guilt. I don’t understand the mindset behind the millions of sadistic moviegoers who paid money multiple times to see a two-hour snuff film on Jesus Christ simply based on religious guilt. Mel Gibson is an anti-semitic sadist and should never be allowed to make another film.

If you are going to make a film about such a controversial figure as Jesus Christ, why not make a historical biography about his grand message and the great life that he lead and not focus two hours of detailed screen time to his torture and execution. There is just too many things wrong with this film and not enough time to list them all.

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