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Top 13 Most Controversial Racist Movies

#13 Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) **

This film introduces us to a character named Mr. Yunioshi. An old crusty Japanese man (Mickey Rooney) living in the upstairs apartment above our heroine Audrey Hepburn. There aren’t words to describe just how ridiculously stereotypical this character acts in this film. You have to watch and see for yourself.


#12 Birth of a Nation (1915) **

Here is a film that glamorize the Ku Klux Klan as a heroic force of warriors who are out to rid the world of all the African-Americans (played by white actors in black face) who are portrayed as comically violent buffoons who are simply out to rape all the local white women. The Monkey first leaned about this film in film school and was utterly mortified. Watch in horror for yourself.

#11 The Love Guru (2008) *

If it wasn’t for the Shrek series Mike Myers would be pumping gas at an Exxon back in Canada after the abomination that was The Love Guru.

#10 Gremlins (1984) ***

Every negative stereotype is on steroids in this film about furry little creatures who become malevolent, chain-smoking, rowdy Gremlins after eating after midnight.

#9 Falling Down (1993) **

Falling Down is every disenfranchised and recently laid off middle-aged losers wet dream.

#8 Driving Miss Daisy (1989) *

Here we have a crusty old southern woman who drives around all day with her happy-go-lucky illiterate slave, I mean Chauffeur, actually named Hoke.

#7 Hitch (2004) *

So if you are an overweight socially inept white guy with absolutely no dating skills, what do you do? Well according to Hitch you need to find yourself a smooth talking “date doctor” whose going to teach you how to dance and give you all the skills you need to get your shit together.


#6 Dangerous Minds (1995) **

Dangerous Minds offers the simple idea that if you are a underprivliged minority teen attending high school in a gang war zone, your only salvation out of this hell hole is the new tough talking teacher who will set you free from your oppressive parents and get you on the path to higher education.

#5 Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (2009) *

Words can’t describe this monstrosity.

#4 The Last Samurai (2003) ***

This is Tom Cruise at the height of his shameless self-indulgence. Cruise is the Samurai’s only hope against the evil federalist war and nevertheless becomes The Last Samurai. Kurosawa must be rolling in his grave.

#3 Bulworth (1998) ***

This satire served as the public mental breakdown for Writer/Director/Star Warren Beatty. After this disaster Beatty basically disappeared off the face of the earth.

#2 The Passion of the Christ (2004) *

According to Fuehrer Mel Gibson, Jesus was tortured and eventually executed by a pack of evil, snarling Jews displaying every anti-Semitic stereotype ever seen on film for two brutal hours of screen time in this snuff film.

The Number 1 Most Racist Movie of All time…

#1 American History X (1999) ***

This movie invented a brand new catch phrase among neo-nazi’s. In this film, our “hero” Edward Norton discovers two thugs stealing his car and decides to teach them a lesson. What does he do? He tells one of them to “put your mouth on the curb” and proceeds to stomp the kid in the back of the head. Terrible.

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