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Top 10 Phenomenal Comedy Films of the 2000’s

These films are the cream of the crop when it comes to 21st Century Comedy Films. All of them are truly hilarious and do not dumb it down for mass audiences which is always a sign of a good comedy.


#10 The Hangover (2009) Todd Phillips ****

The greatest comedy about a Bachelor party in Vegas gone terribly wrong. Actually I think this may be the only movie about a Bachelor Party in Vegas gone terribly wrong. Alan, Stu, Phil and Doug are in for the weekend of their lives. After drinking Jager shots and unwittingly taking ecstasy, Alan, Stu and Phil wake up in a trashed penthouse with Doug the groom nowhere to be found. Hilarious comedy adventure which was sadly remade almost immediately with the carbon copy  inferior 2011 sequel set in Bangkok, Thailand instead of Las Vegas. A third in the series is almost guaranteed.


#9 Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) Steve Pink ****

The best time travel comedy since Back to the Future. 3 buddies and along with one of their nephews, all experiencing a mid-life crisis over failed lives decide to take a trip to their favorite ski resort from their happier teenage years. They discover that the ski resort is now a dilapidated rat’s nest and decide to party in their room in the hot tub with plenty of booze and Russian energy drinks only to wake up in 1986 and getting a chance to relive their younger years. The guys set out to not disrupt the time flow continuum (one of the many 80’s references) to not alter their future lives but later decide that instead of reliving their failed lives they set out to make things right. Several references to 80’s movie including Chevy Chase as father time, William Zabka from the Karate Kid and several Back to the Future references. This was without doubt the best comedy of 2010.


#8 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) Adam McKay ****

Anchorman is probably the most quotable movie on this list. This film proves my Will Ferrell mathematical theory that Will Ferrell (x) times a Great Supporting Cast (y) times a Good Director Adam McKay (z) = A hilarious comedy, i.e. Anchorman, Step Brothers, The Other Guys. 

Unfortunately Ferrell by himself without the help of an outstanding supporting cast and his buddy McKay, is utter garbage, i.e. Land of the Lost, Bewitched, Semi-Pro and Blades of Glory.

This has the best supporting cast of any other film on the list and makes for an exceptional spoof on 70’s mysoginistic journalists.


#7 Shaun of the Dead (2004) Edgar Wright ****

Now Shaun of the Dead is not only a hilarious comedy but it also has some of the most gruesome zombies ever seen rivaling the Romero zombie classics. This is the film that put then unknown British comedy team Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright into the upper echelon of American comedy. The zombie make up is outstanding and they used the much scarier version of zombies that are slow and methodical with real make up as opposed to the recent slew of Hollywood zombies that can do the 40 yard dash in 2 seconds and are entirely CGI unrealistic cartoons.


#6 Tropic Thunder (2008) Ben Stiller ****

Tropic Thunder should have been renamed the Robert Downey Jr. show. With the exception of a few hilarious Jack Black lines and Brandon T. Jackson as Alpa Chino the repressed gay rapper, this is all Robert Downey Jr. Downey is absolutely hilarious as the insecure Australian method actor pretending to be an African-American soul brother soldier with an attitude. Two things about this movie that always irritate the hell out of me are Tom Cruise as Les Grossman and the unbearable Matthew McConaughey in the two worst roles in the movie that they could have cast ANY other actor in Hollywood and they could have made the part hilarious.

#5 Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007) Jake Kasdan ****

This highly underrated comedy shows the true comedic genius of John C. Reilly in a music biopic “inspired” by every other music biopic ever made. Walk Hard follows Dewey Cox (Reilly) a hard living, drug addicted and eccentric musician through a lifetime of  living the rock star life. The film was inspired mostly by Johnny Cash and the biopic Walk the Line among numerous other musicians lives. Hilarious supporting cast and clever jokes throughout.


#4 Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Jared Hess ****

Everybody has known someone like Napoleon Dynamite at one point in their life. The coolest nerd you’ll ever meet who has got the skills to kick your ass with “numchuks” and dance better than you can. This offbeat comedy was a surprise hit from unknown director Jared Hess now becoming a cult classic. Napoleon’s brother Kip Dynamite is probably one of the funniest characters you have ever seen spending the entire day chatting with babes on the internet and training to be a cage fighter. Classic comedy with absolutely no foul language or drug use which is something rarely seen in comedies anymore and makes it that much more outlandish and hilarious.

#3 Superbad (2007)Greg Mottola ****

As opposed to Napoleon Dynamite’s hilariously clean Mormon humor, Superbad is the complete antithesis as a raunchy and vulgar teen comedy in the vein of Animal House for high school teenagers. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera work great together along with Mclovin, the biggest dork you will ever see that rivals Napoleon Dynamite. Written by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen who also costars as incompetent Police Officer Michaels. Hill and Cera play teenage versions of Rogen and Goldberg. Two dependent high school seniors who are facing the upcoming dilemma of being separated when they both leave for college and who find themselves involved with the girls of their dreams during a crazy night of partying. Hilarious film and quite possibly the only film where Michael Cera’s awkward teenaged shtick is actually very funny.

#2 Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)Nicholas Stoller ****

The funniest break up comedy of all time. Peter Bretter (Jason Segal) plays the hopeless loser who gets dumped by his girlfriend Sarah Marshall of 5 years and has an emotional breakdown and loses all hope. His brother-in-law suggests he take a vacation to Hawaii which proves to be disastrous as well as a way to finally find closure with Sarah who also winds up at the same hotel with her hilarious new boyfriend Aldous Snow (Russel Brand). Peter meets the sexy Rachel (Mila Kunis) and finds a new outlet on life.

#1 Wedding Crashers (2005) David Dobkin *****

The film that started a whole new trend of lowlifes crashing weddings and hooking up with unsuspecting woman while love is in the air. Classic premise! Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson play Jeremy and John whose hobby is as the title suggests, is crashing weddings. They finally crashed the wrong wedding when they barge in on the life of the hilarious Christopher Walkin as US Secretary Cleary and the wedding of his daughter. John and Jeremy hook up with Cleary’s two other daughters and all hell breaks loose. The funniest film of the last decade.

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