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Top 3 Quentin Tarantino Dream Projects we hope to see one day.

As you and I both know, Tarantino is the friggin man! His movies have inspired thousands of aspiring film-makers to pick up a video camera and shoot something, anything, as long as it has slick dialogue, bad ass music and unrelenting violence.

With that said, here are three potential QT dream projects we hope to see in the near future.


#3 Django Unchained (2012)

At the time of this writing, this Movie Monkey has found out that Tarantino’s long-delayed pet project is finally a go and will be released around Christmas 2012. The story looks to be a highly controversial film dealing with slavery in the deep south with clever dialogue and brutal scenes of violence. Something that has never been explored due to most modern film-makers having absolutely no cojones.

The man who released such cinematic gems as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds is shooting a film dealing with a racist land owner (Dicaprio) in the deep south who supposedly pits his slaves (Foxx) against each other in brutal cage fight’s or something along those lines. Wow! That sounds truly bad ass and beyond controversial.

This film will probably not be his biggest film nor his most critically acclaimed simply because of the racy subject matter. Regardless, with the supposed casting of Leonardo Dicaprio, Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson, this film will surely be a very thought-provoking and well made film with an intriguing story that will surely offend some and excite others.



#2 The Vega Brothers (unknown)

The Movie Monkey actually dreamt this idea as soon as I finished watching Pulp Fiction for the first time back in 1994. Unfortunately this billion dollar idea for a film may possibly never see the light of day unless Tarantino decides to use completely new actors in the roles of Vincent and Vic Vega, the distant brothers who both played greasy haired gangsters in Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs respectively.

The fact that both John Travolta and Michael Madsen are both pushing 60 years old is the sure sign that this film will definitely NOT be made with these two. Not to mention both actors met a bloody demise at the end of both films ensuring they had absolutely no future.

If Tarantino were to film it as a prequel which is the only way to go about it, my choice for the two lead roles just off the top of my head would be James Franco as Vincent Vega and Andrew Garfield as Vic Vega. Both actors have tremendous range and could portray both characters as they work for Marcellus Wallace and Joe Cabot in the LA crime scene during their late 20’s.

Here’s hoping…….



#1 Kill Bill Vol. 3 (Unknown)

I just so happened to have stumbled upon this movie poster during a random Google search and was utterly surprised. Either this film is already in production or someone out there is good at Photoshop and enjoys messing with my emotions. Either way I am still excited.

Kill Bill Vol 3 has been on my mind since the scene at the beginning of Volume 1 where the bride warns Vernita Greens daughter Nikki that if she ever wants to seek revenge for her mothers death in the future, she will be waiting. That was a beautiful set up to a third sequel where a now adult Nikki has been training for the last 10 years in Kung-Fu and Samurai swords and is now on her way to seek vengeance against Beatrix Kiddo for the brutal murder of her mother.

Calling it Kill Bill Vol 3 would not make much sense since as we all know Bill was finally murdered at the end of Volume 2 by Beatrix.

An interesting title would be Kill Bea or Kill Beatrix, but who knows how the mad genius is going to lay this story out.

Possible plot points that could be explored in the third film include the return of the now fully blind Elle Driver helping young Nikki on her quest for revenge.

Bill could have had a long lost son that is now also seeking revenge for his father and uncle. His father Esteban could hire any surviving member of the Crazy 88 to begin a quest for Beatrix to avenge the death of Bill, Budd and O-Ren Ishii.

I am sure Tarantino has a few more aces up his sleeve and we will surely see a worthy follow-up to the Kill Bill saga.

QT surely will not disappoint.

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