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The Social Network (2010) ***** Revenge of the Winklevi

The Social Network *****

David Fincher you have yet to disappoint me you extraordinary genius. Now while watching this amazing picture I thought to myself, is Mark Zuckerberg really this much on an asshole in real life or was he just pissed off that these snakes were trying to bleed him dry and take credit for an idea he created? I guess if you created a multi billion dollar empire and a couple of pompous dick faces were trying to rob you of it I guess you wouldn’t be the nicest guy in the class either.

David Fincher takes what could have been under any number of other mediocre directors a tepid story about the creation of a website that we all love and creates such a thought-provoking soap opera of back stabbings, betrayal and litigation and transcends it to a whole new art form. The haunting score by the always talented Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame helps to elevate this film to not just a movie about a silly website but to a modern art masterpiece.

I love this film! I actually watched it three times back to back. I couldn’t believe how deep Fincher goes with his characters and does not hesitate to paint them in an unflattering light. Whether the story has a shred of truth to it remains to be seen. I have never met Mark Zuckerberg nor the Winklevoss twins but after watching their portrayal in this movie I am utterly mortified to be in their presence. Jesse Eisenberg is definitely a talented young actor that we will be seeing more of in the future. He portrays Mark Zuckerberg, the creative genius behind Facebook, as an awkward, socially inept computer whiz kid who created one of the world’s most popular social networking sites in retaliation from the recent break up by a girl he didn’t really care too much for in the first place. This forms the basis to the creation of the highly successful website that you and I both love to hate yet find ourselves on it for hours on end throwing sheep and poking our friends incessantly.

The film plays out in split chronology by examining both the history and creation of Facebook on the Harvard College campus circa 2003 as well as showing two ongoing separate legal depositions involving the aforementioned Winklevoss twins who claimed they actually created Facebook and the idea was stolen from them (somewhat likely) and the former best friend and business partner of our anti-hero, Eduardo Saverin, who actually did help in the creation but was unwittingly cheated out of his rightful shares in the company by the always entertaining Justin Timberlake.

Friendships are created and destroyed. Innocence is lost. Billions of dollars are made and lost and the world keeps spinning and not to mention a highly addictive website is created out of pure jealousy and spite.

This makes for absolutely fantastic drama and social commentary.

Watch this movie immediately.

The Social Network (2010) *****

121 Minutes


Directed by David Fincher

Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Rashida Jones

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